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Spray Silicone
1. Contains Colorless, Transparent and High-Purity Silicon Oil
2. Excellent Lubricating and Glazing
3. Widely Used for Power Tool, Doorsill, Woodworking ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
1. Lasting Antirust and Lubricating Effect
2. High Viscosity Albany Grease Infilters into very Slight Pattern
3. Used for Chain, Gear, Hinge, etc.

Feature: The butter with ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Regularly applying car wax will extend the life and beauty of your car′s paint finish. Our car waxes is a high quality car paint care products to keep the paint looking its best ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
1. Excellent Weather ability, Strong Hiding Power, Fast Drying
2. Avoids Contacting with Gasoline or Organic Solvents Equipment
3. For All Interior/Exterior Use
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Product Features: This paint is amazing florescent style paint that looks great in full color in the light but takes on a whole new image when the lights are turned off. The paint ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Features: This product is fast-drying aerosol paint, color, high gorgeous, highly metallic luster, in the light irradiation of the metal reflective film is best, excellent ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Product Features: Acrylic resin paint that contains high-quality paint components tested to provide outstanding coverage and durable protection against corrosion, rock chips and ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Product Features: This product is formulated to match, restore or change color on most vinyl surfaces, flexible and rigid plastics, To use advanced technology provide superior ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Engine Cleaner
1. Removes Dirt, Smudge and Oil Stain by General Way
2. Without Damaging Paint Film, Rubber and Plastic Parts
3. Safe and Handy

Feature: The product is a ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Product Features: This Product is ideal for use in production, maintenance and construction industries. It can be used as a coating on pipes and steel fabrications to reduce ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Product Features: 7cf′s spray paint provides rich, shiny finish for decorating and accent pieces. Formulated to work on diverse surfaces such as wood, plastic, metal, brick, ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Product Features: This product film has a special fluorescent effect, under irradiation of light source color is very eye-catching, decorative effect and with excellent quality ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Product Features: This product is fast-drying alkyd aerosol paint, paint film with a rugged hammer effect, and has excellent protection.
Use Scope: Ceramics, china, plant pot, ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
This product has a range of performance by glazing, decontamination, antistatic, waterproof and protection, besides, effectively prevent ultraviolet light, heat, ozone and other ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Carbon Cleaner
1. Automatically Rinses the Colloid, Carbon Residues and Greasy Sludge
2. Improves Efficiency of Engine Operating and Increases Horsepower
3. Restore the ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Features: This product is an organic silicon aerosol paint, paint film in self-dry after 30 minutes, after 200 degrees C after drying 2 hours to reach optimum performance can be at ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Tire shine

1. Formulated to Clean Away Dirt, Grime and Grease
2. Effectively Protects Tire from Aging and Crack
3. Renews Tire Looking Gloss and Black

Feature: Permeate, ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Product Features: This bronze spray paint matches the color of structural aluminum. Resists fading and dries fast, which allows you to touch up scratches after installation to ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Anti rust spray
1. Excellent Penetrability, Derusting and Lubricating Effect
2. Eliminates Noise and Loosens Rusted Screws
3. Used for Precision Instruments, Machines, and House ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Car Chassis Paint
1. Antirust, Waterproof, Sound Insulation and Stop Leaking
2. Improves the Safe Coefficient Effectively

This product use water-based environmental ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Product Features: We are offering our customers a wide range of Water-based Spray Paints. A high quality water-based spray paint available in 50 colors. For interior and exterior ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Product Features: This product formulated from pure acrylic. It is suitable during indoor/outdoor to spray, an extremely durable, high-quality paint.

* Extremely durable, high ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Features: This product can provide vivid metallic effect, it can be applied for surface processing of metal, wood and glass.
In which, chrome spray paint can make electroplating ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Product Features: This product imitation chrome aerosol paint, the metal mirror highly decorative effect can be comparable with the plating, and can effectively resist ultraviolet ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Coolant Reservoir Cleaner
1. Without Acid and Alkali
2. Removes the Rust and Scum Completely
3. Compatible with Any Kind of Anti-Freeze Fluid

Feature: This product without ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Anti-fog Agent
1. Waterproof and Anti-Mist
2. Makes Glass Clean, Clear and Transparent
3. Widely Used for Windshield, Glasses and Mirror

This product can ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Antifreeze Coolant
1. With No BNAPS
2. Prevents Water from Freezing and Boiling
3. Anti-scale, Corrosion Protection and Improves the Efficiency

Features: This product does ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces
Product Features: 7cf′s spray paint is specifically formulated for outdoor maintenance and touch-up applications. It′s recommended for use on any metal or wood surface, including ...
Min. Order: 28,800 Pieces

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